Review: Wines of Marshall Davis, 2021 Releases

Review: Wines of Marshall Davis, 2021 Releases

Yamhill, Oregon-based Marshall Davis makes a variety of Oregon-iconic wines, but we’ve only covered its rose in the past. Now we’re digging into more of the lineup, including a new vintage of the rose as well as a chardonnay and pinot noir.

2019 Marshall Davis Chardonnay Yamhill-Carlton AVA – Somehow this wine, which apparently is fully oaked (though only partially in new barrels), comes off as decidedly not: Loading up on green apple, quince, and lemon curd before — finally — fading into a gently oaked character that rolls in with some vanilla and a touch of coconut. The wine finishes clean and with plenty of acidity, positioning itself well as a summery sipper (and at a great price). A- / $25

2019 Marshall Davis Pinot Noir Yamhill-Carlton AVA – A fairly blunt wine, there’s a surprising bitterness on the body here that, wait all you like, never manages to be balanced by any level of fruit arriving to elevate it into more general palatability. Dry as a bone and lacking in nuance, it simply feels like it’s missing something, hitting the palate with a thud of dry stone and wet leaves. Or perhaps the other way around. C / $26

2020 Marshall Davis Pinot Noir Rose Yamhill-Carlton Marshall Davis Vineyard – Floral but brisk with citrus notes, this sharp, lemon- and orange-heavy rose (grown on Marshall Davis’s rose-specific estate vineyard) slowly gives way to a light strawberry character, though its acidity is never far from the fore. Its incredible tartness presents closer to a sauvignon blanc than a typical rose, though the perfumed aromas ultimately temper things quite delightfully. A- / $25

2019 Marshall Davis Chardonnay Yamhill-Carlton AVA




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