Recipe: Dreamsicle Sour

Recipe: Dreamsicle Sour

Dreamsicle Sour

If “whiskey sour crossed with a Dreamsicle” gets your mind racing, you’ve come to the right place. Florida-based mixologist and author Sailor Guevara set out to combine one of her favorite whiskey cocktails with the now-classic (and decadently creamy) popsicle flavor. The result is her Dreamsicle Sour, a cocktail that smooths out the sharpness of two citrus flavors with vanilla and the creaminess of a well-shaken egg white. The drink that gives that familiar Dreamsicle flavor from the very start with just a hint of wood and spice from Guevara’s suggested bourbon, 291 Colorado.

In a less well-crafted cocktail, naturally sweet bourbon might fade away entirely. However, Guevara’s stroke of genius here is most certainly including the Hella Mexican Chocolate Bitters. They help ensure the bourbon’s flavor doesn’t get completely washed out by the strong orange and vanilla flavors. You’ll taste the Dreamsicle, but you won’t lose the whiskey sour.

For aspiring home mixologists, Guevara emphasizes the egg white’s central role in this and similar drinks.

“I’m absolutely in love with the whiskey sour, and I am equally all about the egg white,” says Guevara. “I just think this cocktail is a beautiful build, and there are so many ways to vary this cocktail.”

Dreamsicle Sour
1.5 oz. 291 Colorado bourbon
1 oz. fresh lemon juice
.50 oz. orange & vanilla syrup
3 dashes Hella Mexican Chocolate Bitters
.50 oz. egg white (aqua faba may be used if you have an egg white allergy)

To get a camera-ready and absolutely dreamy foam, shake the egg white first by itself, no ice, put a timer on your phone and shake for 44 seconds, then add the rest of the ingredients and shake again with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass and enjoy!

David Tao is a writer for Drinkhacker.

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