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Review: Tahoe Blue Vodka

“Keep Tahoe Blue” is a common bumper sticker refrain around these parts, as the lake, nestled between California and Nevada, is renowned for its pristine blue water. Tahoe Blue Vodka is a blend of three vodka distillates — 50% from sugarcane, 25% from grapes, and 25% from corn. It’s “made with Tahoe water,” per the bottle — and that is detailed as water from Lake Tahoe on the distillery’s website. That however may be a little misleading: Most of the tap water in the area around Tahoe — including Sparks, Nevada, where Tahoe Blue is made — is drawn from the lake directly. Technicalities, anyway.

The nose of the vodka is as clean as you could ask for, gently earthy with notes of licorice and forest floor but otherwise quite clean. Same goes for the palate, which is quite clean and refreshing, with just a hint of lemon peel, lavender, and fresh linen. Some notes of greenery are evident around the edges, but it’s mild and gentle — Tahoe Blue really does come across as entirely innocuous, with a mere sprinkle of sugar informing the finish.

There’s ultimately not a whole lot to it, but that’s usually for the best with vodka: You can’t go wrong using this as a mixer or for sipping straight, especially at this price.

80 proof.


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