Review: Billionaires Row Brandy Cuvee XO

Review: Billionaires Row Brandy Cuvee XO

Congrats to all our billionaire readers. Now you have a spirit to call your own: Billionaires Row Brandy, which is a product of France but is neither Cognac nor Armagnac, per the packaging (though it does show up online frequently as the former). Other than knowing it’s French, there’s just not a lot of information available about the provenance of this spirit.

As it goes, the brandy is a fairly blunt but fully drinkable affair, with a nose that offers a straightforward note of white sugar and vanilla, touched with a bit of camphor. The palate sees more complexity, but not a whole lot. Some mint complements notes of caramel and some milk chocolate, but the overall character is surprisingly young and light, lacking the density one normally expects from an XO Cognac. Some spice and incense give the finish a bit to work with, and I also catch a hint of lavender, perhaps the only out-of-the-ordinary element in the mix here. It’s a harmless spirit that is clearly best for mixing. Since you have a billion dollars, you can spring for some high-end mixers, right?

Also note that the packaging is decidedly non-billionairesque, a squat bottle with “BR” emblazoned on a simple label. If I may be so bold, I would humbly suggest a new name for the brand: Bazillionairres Row. Call me to discuss.

80 proof.

B / $65 /

Billionaires Row Brandy Cuvee XO




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