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Book Review: Booze Cruise: A Tour of The World’s Essential Mixed Drinks

Andre Darlington seems to be on quite a roll. The co-author of one of our favorite drinks books from 2020, Booze & Vinyl, returns in 2021 with Booze Cruise: A Tour of The World’s Essential Mixed Drinks, another 200+ page resource designed to help you find the right cocktail for the right occasion.

Equal turns informative and entertaining, Darlington invites the reader to experience the drinking cultures of Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas with a generous number of recipes. Ranging from the fundamentals (mojito, old fashioned, etc.) to more complex and regional flavors, there’s something included for every level and palate.

The book’s layout and graphics are clean and contemporary, a pleasure to look at, and respectfully in service of the content. The writing is straightforward and introductory in tone, making it a great starting point for those not as seasoned at mixing drinks. Most recipes call for ingredients accessible at the local supermarket. However, there are occasions where recipes call for something regional, and a trip to your local international foods emporium may be in order.

As a bonus, there are some pretty tasty and simple snack recipes included as a suggested paring. The Sweet and Spicy Edamame with a Yuzu Gimlet was outstanding, inspiring enough to set up camp in front of my turntable and monitors in a modest attempt at recreating a Japanese record bar. (Unsolicited travel tip: when in Tokyo, make it your business to visit SHeLTeR and experience one of the world’s finest sound systems.)

Booze Cruise scratches the surface at the dazzling possibilities and alchemy of mixed drinks found around the world. And while international traveling during a global pandemic may not be the smartest life choice one can make, this certainly helps to bring a small slice of the world to your bar and whet one’s appetite for a time when safe travel is once again possible.


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Rob Theakston

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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