Review: 2019 Lucky Rock Pinot Noir County Cuvee

Review: 2019 Lucky Rock Pinot Noir County Cuvee

Lucky Rock’s County Cuvee wines are always made from a blend of grapes from Monterey, San Benito, and Sonoma counties — though with this 2019 vintage I don’t have any detail on vineyards and proportions from each region.

Regardless, the 2019 bottling isn’t quite the delight that the 2018 County Cuvee pinot was, a bit weightier on the palate with a character that runs more toward blackcurrant than the more lively bright cherry one may expect. Hints of tea leaf and cola give the finish a lift, but there’s a doughy, almost chewy character to the wine that keeps it at arm’s length. Time in glass is a help, coaxing out a clear strawberry note as it develops, but expect to put in some time to get there.

B+ / $22 /

2019 Lucky Rock Pinot Noir County Cuvee




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