Review: Warfield Brewery Ketchum Kolsch, Magnanimous Lager, and Canary’s Casket

Review: Warfield Brewery Ketchum Kolsch, Magnanimous Lager, and Canary’s Casket

Warfield is both a brewery and distillery in Ketchum, Idaho, with a strong focus on using local and, especially, organic ingredients. Today we look at three beers from the operation, two standard-issue varieties and one decidedly rare release.

Warfield Brewery Ketchum Kolsch – A chewy, bready, but not overwhelmingly malty beer, this is how a kolsch should taste. Gently floral but rounded with notes of roasted nuts and a mild hoppiness (courtesy of organic Chinook hops), it’s incredibly clean and crisp and refreshing, though a bit buttery on the finish. 4.8% abv. A

Warfield Brewery Magnanimous Organic Lager – Another solid lager, this Czech-style brew takes Pekko hops on a ride that features honey-laced wheat bread, a squeeze of lemon, and a long, rolling malt bill to round things out on the back end. The Kolsch has a bit more complexity than this straightforward offering, but I’d be lying if I said it was anything other than easy to drink. 5.4% abv. A-

Warfield Brewery Canary’s Casket Barrel Rested Imperial Stout – This brew starts with Warfield’s Miner’s Canary stout and puts it into bourbon barrels for 12 months. The results are largely in line with what you’d expect: Heavy with alcohol and weighty with notes of burnt caramel, molasses, and red wine to start. Coffee notes percolate quickly but they spar a bit with the fruit-heavy wine notes at the heart of the beer — and which linger just about forever on the slightly oxidized, Port-like finish. It’s fun for a glass, but the powerful sweetness can be a bit much at times. 10.2% abv. B

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Warfield Brewery Canary's Casket Barrel Rested Imperial Stout




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