Review: Graverobber Unholy Maple Syrup Flavored Rye

Review: Graverobber Unholy Maple Syrup Flavored Rye

Whoops: Graverobber Unholy Rye, from New Hampshire-based Tamworth Distilling, is intended as an annual autumn release, and here it is, February! That’s on us, but all the same here’s a look at this flavored rye (distilled here, not sourced), which is “infused with maple syrup tapped from graveside maple trees.” Maple-flavored whiskey is great, but haunted maple-flavored whiskey? Shut the front door! Let’s crack it open.

Graverobber’s nose isn’t particularly sweet or syrupy, with a strong focus on the young rye at the base of the spirit. Sharply green and savory with dried herb notes, it crackles with chimney soot, burning tobacco, and asphalt. It definitely smells haunted.

It’s quite a surprise then to discover how sweet and lively the palate is. The maple is definitely evident, and here it complements the herbal profile that’s found in the nose quite nicely. It doesn’t taste like a flavored whiskey, with notes of red cherries, bitter amaro, and grapefruit peel instead of anything sticky-syrupy. Tea leaf and cola notes simmer on the lengthy, lively finish.

Unlike most flavored whiskeys, this one is higher than normal proof, not lower — and unlike most flavored whiskeys, it’s worth drinking.

90 proof.

A- / $70 (200ml) /

Graverobber Unholy Maple Syrup Flavored Rye




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