Get to Know This Ridiculously Good Rum From a Proud Trinidadian Maven

Get to Know This Ridiculously Good Rum From a Proud Trinidadian Maven


The brainchild of Proud Trinidadian Marc Farrell, Ten To One has recently been taking the Spirits Awards scene by storm, winning Best Rum of 2020 at both the LA Spirits and Asia International Spirits competition, and quickly gaining a reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the market.

Ten To One’s range of award-winning Caribbean rums certainly lives up to the brand’s stated mission of “challenging expectations” and changing the way people taste, experience and talk about rum. The brand seems poised to move rum away from some of its old and antiquated tropes, with its compelling blends ushering in a new era and raising the bar for the category.

Ten To One brings two versatile expressions to market, designed to be enjoyed on their own or elevate any cocktail experience, and you’ll be happy to know that they don’t contain added sugar, flavoring, or coloring of any kind. While both expressions are great, I continue to be blown away by Ten To One’s Dark rum and I want to tell you why I think you will be too!

As Drinkhacker wrote in its 9/10 rated review, on the nose, you immediately pick up notes of yellow apple, banana bread and baking spices, while the barrel notes of cedar and tobacco spring to life on the palate, delivering an extremely smooth and well balanced rum with a dry and clean finish.

If you are a whiskey enthusiast like myself, you will appreciate the blend of rums aged for 8 years in ex-bourbon casks that really bring out the vanilla notes combined with the high ester Jamaican rum which offer hints of grassy and funky flavors. The blends end up rounding everything out, resulting in a body similar to a high rye bourbon, leaving you with a long finish and wanting more. And take my word for it, the Ten To One Rum Old Fashioned is a must try.

Never thought I would say it, but this whiskey lover is questioning a conversion to rum… if you are looking to change up your routine, look no further. Ten To One now offers national shipping at

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