Review: El Sativo Single Estate Tequila Blanco

Review: El Sativo Single Estate Tequila Blanco

El Sativo is an organic, “single estate” Lowlands tequila that claims to “set itself apart by utilizing a special distillation method that naturally highlights the agave plant’s precious resources known to have mood lifting and energy boosting attributes.” OK. Every bottle sold gives back to ocean conservancy charities. It’s available only as a blanco, and we received a sample for review.

This is no gentle blanco, this is a big, aggressive tequila that makes its intentions known from the start. The nose is huge with fresh herbs, black pepper, and a sharply lemony sweetness. It smells like blanco tequila made with the pedal pressed all the way down: bold and beautiful and ready for either sipping or mixing into a cocktail. There’s a creaminess on the palate that immediately settles the tequila down, percolating notes of (sweeter) lemon curd, apricots, and pineapple. There’s plenty more pepper, racy agave, and gentle almond notes on the lasting finish, all of which serve to add complexity, never detracting from what is, from start to finish, a delightful ride.

80 proof.


El Sativo Single Estate Tequila Blanco




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