Review: Om Organic Mixology Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Liqueur

Review: Om Organic Mixology Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Liqueur

Om Organic Mixology is a line of liqueurs that starts with a base of distilled sugar cane that is then flavored with organic botanicals and essences, plus some agave nectar. Available in four flavors, this Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt liqueur has just 5 grams of sugar per serving.

It’s fairly light in color in the glass — akin to a weak tea — with a distinct chocolate candy character on the nose. It’s not really sweet, with a mild coffee bean character emerging with a little time in glass. The palate is chocolate-focused enough, but much less intense than other chocolate flavored liqueurs on the market, coming across more like a (low-alcohol) flavored vodka. It’s also quite fruity, with notes of strawberry and raspberry evident — both of which fortunately complement chocolate beautifully. I don’t really get much of the promised sea salt, but I’m not sure it really needs it. Om is quite fine as a sipper on its own, but pay close attention if you use it to flavor a cocktail, as you may need to tweak the proportions in your recipe due to Om’s general level of nuance.

35 proof.

B+ / $33 /

Om Organic Mixology Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Liqueur




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