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Review: Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mixer

This mixer lays claims to being one-half the key to “the smoothest whiskey  sour” — the other half being 2 ounces of Gentleman Jack whiskey to back it up. Now, a whiskey sour is hardly the pinnacle of craft cocktailing, and there’s really nothing in this ingredient list — lemon juice, water, sugar — that you couldn’t obtain in a quick run to your supermarket.

Sure enough, there’s nothing really in the finished experience that’s likely to knock you over. Lots and lots of lemon dominates the experience, and it’s got less sweetness than I was expecting, really putting the “sour” into this recipe. That said, it all pairs fine with Jack (I used Single Barrel with my sample), letting some of the whiskey’s funky herbal notes through on the finish — and while it certainly does make for an easy cocktailmaking experience, my hunch is that you can probably do quite a bit better on your own.

B- / $16 (16 oz bottle) / whiskeybarrelfoods.com

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Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Whiskey Sour Cocktail Mixer



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