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Review: Logía Pisco Puro Quebranta

For roughly a decade, there has been talk of a Pisco revival as this distinctive grape distillate made in Peru and Chile has slowly become more available in the U.S. Recently, Piscologica introduced a Pisco certificate course that focuses on Peruvian Pisco, to educate discriminating drinkers about this appellation of origin spirit. We have detailed the rules governing the making and variety of Pisco before, but there remains much to learn. For those interested in the course, it can be found here, and it is written in English to engage a broader audience.

Today, we’ll be trying Logía Pisco Puro Quebranta. As the name suggests, this Pisco is made entirely from the distillate of Quebranta grapes, which were estate grown in Azpitia, south of Lima, Peru. The distillery is 100% women-owned and led. The Pisco, like all Peruvian Piscos, is absolutely clear in the glass, having only been rested for a few months in a neutral container. It is not permitted for Peruvian Pisco to be aged in wood.

The nose introduces light sweetness, some grass and green pepper, and a touch of hay. There is also a little of the typical petrol-heavy Pisco funk, but not much. On the palate, this Pisco shows a surprisingly gentle, refined character. The alcohol is well hidden for Pisco, which is only distilled once and can often exhibit harshness. I noted the flavor of almonds coupled with gentle citrus. Pisco fans will find much to enjoy in this bottle, and it is a good entry to the Pisco world for those interested in giving it a try.

83.6 proof.

B / $40 / piscologia.com

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Logía Pisco Puro Quebranta



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