Review: Rhum Barbancourt 4 Years Old

Review: Rhum Barbancourt 4 Years Old

We’re working our way backwards through Haitian rum producers Barbancourt, now hitting the 4 year old expression, also known as Rhum Barbancourt 3 Stars. Like other Barbancourt rums, it’s made in the agricole style from fresh sugar cane juice.

This expression is quite young, and the aggressive nose bears that out: hot and smoldering, with notes of cut grass, rose hips, and some musky hogo. The palate continues the theme as quite racy, though here the flavors are more typical — brown sugar, almonds, some overripe tropical fruit, and more of that funky, almost sweaty hogo character, lingering particularly heavy on the finish.

Barbancourt 4 Years Old is altogether a bit gritty and pungent, but to be fair this is not a rum meant for sipping solo. Rather, it works well as it’s really intended, as a solid base upon which to build a tiki classic — but considering the more refined 8 year old expression can fill the same role and is available for just a couple dollars more, that might be a better place to start.

86 proof.

B / $23 / 

Rhum Barbancourt 4 Years Old




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