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Review: Cool Cat Citrus Wine Spritzer

In the fast-growing wine spritzer category, there’s another new kid on the block, Cool Cat. How cool you can actually look drinking it is a question I’ll let you, dear reader, answer on your own time, but there’s no denying that canned alcohol is here to stay, at least until we all start drinking marijuana (also on its way). The good folks at Cool Cat sent us a sample of Citrus, one half of their current lineup. The other flavor, dubbed uncreatively as just Original, is actually a combination of elderflower, mint, and lime flavorings. Admittedly, I can’t think of a better name for that one, either.

So, what’s in this can? It’s a naturally flavored spritzer created from a base of California-grown Pinot Grigio and cane sugar. Cool Cat is gluten free, has 150 calories per 12 ounce can, and both flavors clock in at 6.9% abv. Let’s check out the Citrus expression.

The aroma isn’t overly citrusy. In fact, with the clear influence of the grape base it actually comes across as more peach and nectarine than anything else. Not quite Haribo peaches, but the aroma is certainly sweet. On the palate, however, very little of that sweetness comes across. It’s a bit heavy, despite the mild carbonation, with the Pinot Grigio imparting a fuller body to a style of beverage that usually tends more toward light and crisp. Initially tart with lemon juice notes, the wine takes over quickly, leaving only a bit of pulpy orange on the finish. It’s not the most balanced spritzer on its own, but the website does offer several interesting cocktail options under the “How To Enjoy” tab, ranging from simple garnishes and juice combinations to more elaborate spirit/spritzer blends.

6.9% abv.

B / $16 per 4-pack of 12 oz cans / drinkcoolcat.com

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Cool Cat Citrus Wine Spritzer



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