Review: Cocktail & Sons Mojito Mixer, Margarita Mixer, and Ginger Honey Syrup

Review: Cocktail & Sons Mojito Mixer, Margarita Mixer, and Ginger Honey Syrup

New Orleans-based Cocktail & Sons has launched three new products for 2020 — two classic cocktail mixers (one for mojitos and one for margaritas) and another entry into its line of avant garde syrups.

Cocktail & Sons Mojito Mixer – Made with “peppermint, spearmint, lemon verbena, and fresh citrus.” Very minty and very herbal, that lemon verbena gives this mixer a heavily perfumed character that can be a bit much, almost coming across as soapy at times. The sweetness is a bit blown-out too, so consider cutting your mojito (2 parts rum to 1 part mix, per the instructions) with some soda or still water. B- / $15 per 16 oz bottle

Cocktail & Sons Margarita Mixer – Made with “spicy and savory herbs, agave, peppercorns, and fresh citrus.” This margarita definitely isn’t your cantina-style slushy, with a kick of serrano-like spice and a pungency that lets the agave shine alongside notes of lime zest and vanilla. The finish brings out more of a lemon character. Flavorful, but go in expecting some heat. B+ / $15 per 16 oz bottle

Cocktail & Sons Ginger Honey – A cocktail syrup (intended to be used in smaller quantities than the mixers above) which is made with ginger, lemon, and Louisiana honey. Designed for honey-centric cocktails like the Bee’s Knees, this syrup is a delightful combination of honey and ginger, bouncing between the two elements with ease. The attack is sweet and rich with lushly earthy, vanilla-scented honey notes, followed by a substantial rush of quite spicy, fresh ginger that claws at the back of the throat. Some buttery sweetness soothes the finish without ever quite washing away those fiery ginger elements. Great stuff. A- / $15 per 8 oz bottle

Cocktail & Sons Margarita Mixer




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