Review: Mighty Swell Blackberry Spiked Spritzer

Review: Mighty Swell Blackberry Spiked Spritzer

We reviewed most of the varietals from Mighty Swell last year when we first took a deep dive into the Austin, Texas-based spiked spritzer producer. This fall, the company shook things up with new “innovative” packaging and an “improved formulation.” Not done there, they decided to also add a fifth flavor to the mix, Blackberry. The new flavor can be acquired solo, in a six-pack, or a mixed 12-pack, and like the rest of the Mighty Swell lineup, it is 5% abv. I have to admit, I don’t believe I’ve yet tasted a blackberry spiked spritzer, so let’s check it out.

First things first, I have to assume Mighty Swell has moved away from coloring as part of their “improved formulation” because this blackberry spritzer is water-clear. It’s packed with a pleasant dark fruit aroma, but I don’t know if I would peg it as blackberry. It’s juicy, candy sweet, and a little tart. The palate is heavy on the effervescence, and the fruit notes come across more like overripe purple grapes than blackberry. It starts off moderately sweet but turns strangely sour pretty quickly before mellowing out into a decent balance of the two with a lingering fruit note that still seems pretty grapey to me.

5% abv.

B / $16 per 12-pack /

Mighty Swell Blackberry Spiked Spritzer




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