Review: Wines of District 7, 2020 Releases

Review: Wines of District 7, 2020 Releases

District 9 is a movie about a dystopian future on earth. District 7 is a new, affordable label out of Monterey, produced by Scheid Family Wines, all made from sustainably-grown estate fruit.

Let’s try them.

2018 District 7 Chardonnay Monterey – A curious wine. While the body is gummy up front, the palate is surprisingly full of fruit: pears and coconut, with a squeeze of lemon in the mix. The vanilla notes meld well with the fruit, giving the finish a slightly tropical bent. It tastes a bit artificially doctored, but I can’t argue with the results. B+ / $18

2019 District 7 Sauvignon Blanc Monterey – Surprisingly vibrant, this threads a nice needle between Californian and New Zealand styles, offering a bright citrus element on the nose and a tropical burst on the palate. Bold pineapple notes meld with a note of grapefruit and some florals, with a bit of almond on the finish. An easy drinker, but with more complexity than you’d expect. B+ / $18

2018 District 7 Pinot Noir Monterey – Beefy and heavy with mushroom notes, this pinot has gravitas but lacks the expressive fruit of a great pinot noir. There’s a green vegetable note… then a strangely fishy element late in the game. Things improve with some air, but the fruit still doesn’t materialize; I didn’t see much need to invest a lot of time here. D+ / $18

2018 District 7 Cabernet Sauvignon Monterey – Bold with currant notes, this is initially a bit of a bruiser, well-sweetened but also with a layer of tannin folding in notes of licorice and dark chocolate. That level of heft lingers well into the finish, where a slightly balsamic sauciness hangs on for the tart finale. B / $20

2018 District 7 Chardonnay Monterey




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