Review: Bahlsen Baileys-Flavored Cookies – Choco Leibniz and First Class

Review: Bahlsen Baileys-Flavored Cookies – Choco Leibniz and First Class

At present you can find Baileys Irish Cream in various foodstuffs located all around your grocery store: In fudge, candies, brownie mix, non-dairy coffee creamer, baking chips, cake mix, and more. The catch with all of these? None of them have any booze in them!

That changes with Bahlsen’s Choco Leibniz Baileys cookies, which are butter cookies coated with milk chocolate and Baileys filling — with the booze. (It’s less than 1% alcohol but it still counts.) We tasted them along with Bahlsen’s First Class Baileys cookies, which put a Baileys cream filling between crispy wafers and top them with milk chocolate. (No alcohol in these, though.)

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Baileys – All the expected flavors are accounted for here, and the butter cookie element really dominates on the palate, as it’s quite thick and crunchy. The milk chocolate layer is no joke, and the Baileys comes through immediately — though as with any serving of Baileys, there’s a slight chemical taste that feels just a bit artificial. B / $4 per box of 12

Bahlsen First Class Baileys – The chocolate layer is a bit thick on this cookie, which creates a strange dissonance on the tongue between it and more delicate wafers underneath. The Baileys element is more subtle than in the Choco Leibniz — perhaps because it gets lost in between the two wafers and all the chocolate — which isn’t a terrible thing, unless you’re a nut for the stuff. B / $4 per box of 12

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz Baileys




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