Review: 10 Barrel Brewing Smash and Clean Line Mango

Review: 10 Barrel Brewing Smash and Clean Line Mango

Looking for something lighter? Try these libations from Bend, Oregon’s 10 Barrel — a fruit-heavy beer and a hard seltzer.

10 Barrel Brewing Smash – A slightly sour wheat ale, this passionfruit-infused beer hits up front with a big lemon note before it settles into a sweeter groove, with tropical elements in the mix. As the sour elements give way to the main event, the passionfruit hits but comes across as a bit indistinct. I get a touch more mango and some pineapple candy on the finish, with lots of fizz in the mix. Summery, sure, but  — less boldly refreshing than I’d hoped. 4.7% abv. B- / $12 per six-pack

10 Barrel Brewing Clean Line Mango – It’s bright with bold mango notes on the nose, but the palate is quite dry, with a clear, somewhat raw alcohol character muddying the fruit quality. This character blows off in time, but the finish continues the dryness theme, the slightest layer of lemony mango candy brightening up the conclusion. 5% abv. B / $NA per six-pack

10 Barrel Brewing Smash




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