Review: 6 Prosecco Wines, 2020 Releases

Review: 6 Prosecco Wines, 2020 Releases

If Covid hit Prosecco, you wouldn’t ever know it. I feel like we’ve been inundated with the stuff since the beginning of the pandemic, to the point where I need to take a break from it. With that said, here’s a look at 6 new releases from Valdobbiadene.

NV Trevisiol Prosecco Rive di Collalto Valdobbiadene Extra Dry DOCG – Quite dry and very nutty, with notes of cashews and sesame oil, giving this wine a vaguely Eastern character. The fruit is tamped down a bit by the more savory elements, though classic melon and gooseberry notes perk up toward the finish. B / $32

NV La Gioiosa et Amorosa Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG – Lots of citrus here, especially lemon, fading into a finish that offers notes of almond and nougat. A fairly straightforward wine, this vowel-heavy offering is innocuous but enjoyable and refreshing, with a sweet but crisp finish. B+ / $16

NV Col del Forno Prosecco Rive di Refrontolo Valdobbiadene DOCG – Light body, more citrus than most, with a creamy honeydew note underneath. Lightly nutty with hints of cashew, but otherwise it’s extremely mild. Creamy finish. B+ / $23

2019 Col Sandago Prosecco Vigna del Cuc Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG – It’s a bit heavy on the fizz compared to some of the other wines in this roundup, but it offers an expressive fruit profile that’s bold with spiced apples, pear, and a bit of lemon — with much less of that melon overtone typical in this wine. Lots of acidity gives the finish a much-needed, lively brightness. A- / $17

2018 Bortolomiol Prosecco Ius Naturae Brut Valdobbiadene DOCG – Made with organic grapes. Quite sour at the top, with an intense note of lime peel and lemon peel. The wine slowly opens up — if only moderately — to offer some floral elements and a little sweeter-spectrum citrus. Vaguely figgy on the finish, though oddly balanced to be sure. B / $20

NV Adami Bosco di Gica Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG – A little on the funky side, with a strong lemon approach that feels more leaf-and-peel than fruit-and-juice. Distinctly sour on the back end, with a teeth-searing acidity. A bit tough on the whole. B- / $17 [BUY IT NOW FROM THE WHISKY EXCHANGE]

NV Col del Forno Prosecco Rive di Refrontolo Valdobbiadene DOCG




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