Review: Centenario Rum 18 Years Old Reserva de la Familia

Review: Centenario Rum 18 Years Old Reserva de la Familia

When we reviewed the core lineup from Centenario Rum back in 2018, we mentioned that this Costa Rican-based distillery produces a massive number of expressions, from 7 to a whopping 30 years old. Well, sure enough, there was an 18 year old expression that we missed at the time. Centenario Rum Reserva de la Familia is a blend of rums between 6 and 18 years old and the youngest of the distillery’s rums aged using the solera method. Despite that comparative youth, the company bills Reserva de la Familia as a representative cross section of their many expressions. Let’s see for ourselves!

On the nose, there’s still that bright, wine-forward character that we detected in the older Spanish style releases and the 20 year old, but give it time and things transition quickly to vanilla bean and sweet sandalwood, new leather and a touch of cocoa powder. There’s not as much fruit as the 20 year old, but the vanilla is just as intense and almost creamy. That lightly creamy body is amplified by a delicate brown sugar sweetness which builds into the finish and lingers with gentle spice. Just as balanced as the 20 year old with maybe even more versatility.

80 proof.

A- / $45 

Centenario Rum 18 Years Old Reserva de la Familia




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