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Review: Old Carter Rye Batch 5

We’ve already checked out a single barrel and small batch bourbon expression from Old Carter, so now it’s time to check out their straight rye whiskey. There haven’t been any single barrel rye expressions yet from the Carters, but as of this writing, they’ve released six different batches of straight rye since starting the brand in 2018. And these are definitely small batches (even though they aren’t branded as such). This Batch 5 release yielded only a little over 1400 bottles. Like all other Old Carter whiskeys, this one is definitely rare. But how does it taste?

The tell-tale dill notes on the nose mean that I don’t need to read the “Distilled in Indiana” on the back label to know this is almost certainly an MGP product. It’s earthy and vegetal, but a thick lacing of oak and dry spice help to rein in some of its greener qualities. As it opens in the glass, the balance only improves, with sweet caramel and brown sugar subduing the dilly, green-pepper high tones. The palate is bright and oily without very much weight or viscosity. Notes of clove chewing gum and fistfuls of fresh wintergreen present first, followed by richer dark caramel, baking chocolate, and maple syrup. Things really come together on the generous finish with a nice balance of rye spice, brown sugar, and creamy peppermint.

115.5 proof.

B+ / $170 / oldcarterwhiskeyco.com [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

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Old Carter Rye Batch 5



Drew Beard

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