Review: Square One Organic Canned Cocktails

Review: Square One Organic Canned Cocktails

Square One is now officially making a little bit of everything to satisfy the cocktail thirsty consumer. They remain best-known for a line of high quality straight and infused vodkas, and earlier this year, the company introduced several organic, low-sugar cocktail mixers. Now, they’re getting into the ready-to-drink game with a line of sparkling canned cocktails that, like all of their other products, are certified organic.

These canned cocktails come in four flavors, each inspired by a different Square One infused vodka: Cucumber Therapy, Pear of Roses, Basil Berry Fizz, and Mediterranean Pearl. It’s unclear if the infused vodkas are actually used in production, but Square One vodka in some form is the base for each cocktail. Clocking in at modest 7.5% abv, these are clearly geared toward poolside or tailgate drinking.

We tasted the whole lineup. Thoughts follow.

Square One Cucumber Therapy – This thing is bursting with cucumber, freshly sliced, diced, and pureed. It’s bright and crisp, but definitely more vegetal than sweet. The sweetness shows up on the palate, though, in abundance. There’s a bit of candied ginger and some subtle green citrus on the finish, but sweet cucumber is definitely the star of the show. B-

Square One Pear of Roses – The aroma on this one is subtle with floral notes, mostly lavender and a little rosemary. The palate is balanced with notes of lychee fruit, rosewater, and lemon squeeze. If not for the distinct pear notes, I’d liken this one more to a spiked lemonade. Not as saccharine as Cucumber Therapy, but still plenty sweet. B

Square One Basil Berry Fizz – I get basil and plenty of dark berries on the nose, which is surprisingly a fun combination that seems to find sufficient balance. The marriage evokes a bit of licorice and mint, as well. Ripe strawberry and citrus flavors fill the palate, alongside earthy basil, which lingers for a long time on the finish. It all comes across as a unique take on a Mojito. The best of the bunch. B+

Square One Mediterranean Pearl – The nose is all kinds of sweet orange citrus: tangerine, blood orange, and some ruby red grapefruit. It’s almost like the aroma from an Orangina, bright and fresh with more fruit juice than overt sweetness. The palate is creamier than the rest of the lineup and, perhaps not coincidentally, the driest of them all. I could try to be more creative here, but this one really just tastes like a Creamsicle. B

each $20 per four-pack of 12 oz. cans /

Square One Cucumber Therapy




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