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Review: Sprezza Vero Spritzes

Sprezza is a line of ready-to-drink cocktails from the folks behind Mancino Vermouth, which teamed up with Scrappy’s Bitters to create a canned version of the vermouth spritz (not to be confused with the Aperol spritz) — a simple, warm-weather cocktail that can be consumed straight from the can or doctored for more elevated sipping.

Both of the cocktails contain Mancino’s vermouth (either dry or sweet), Scrappy’s orange bitters, and carbonated mineral water, and both are canned at 5.2% abv. Let’s give them a try.

Sprezza Vero Spritz Bianco – White/dry vermouth based. Nicely balanced between its sweet and bitter elements, this comes across like a classic dry vermouth and tonic, though I don’t get any real sense of the orange bitters. Refreshing and clean, the concoction has a lemongrass note and a hint of white pepper, giving the finish a light touch of spice. B+

Sprezza Vero Spritz Rosso – Red/sweet vermouth based, but otherwise the same recipe. It’s not especially vibrant, as here the vermouth hits with rather too much force, coming across as rather doughy, with not enough effervescence from the sparkling water to brighten it up the way the Bianco comes across. Here the orange bitters are a touch more evident, though they don’t overwhelmingly complement the experience. B- [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

each $15 per four-pack of 8.4-oz cans / drinksprezza.com

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