Review: Miami Cocktail Co. Organic Spritzes

Review: Miami Cocktail Co. Organic Spritzes

We were surprisingly impressed back in 2016 with Miami Cocktail Co.’s first foray into ready-to-drink cocktails, what the company called “Small Batch Originals.” This year they have broadened their portfolio with a new line of single-serve canned cocktails dubbed “Organic Spritz.” As the name implies, these are certified organic. They are also low calorie (just 110 per can), non-GMO, gluten free, and lower in alcohol than the Small Batch Originals at just 4.2% abv. The beverages come in five cocktail-themed flavors and are produced from a base of rosé wine or unusual but exotic sounding “agave wine.” Summer is just now ending, so let’s crack into these things before the temperature really starts to drop.

Miami Cocktail Co. Sangria Spritz – It’s light and clean with refreshing carbonation and well-balanced sweetness. For a rosé base, they really manage to cram in the heavier wine notes of a traditional sangria, studded with fruit from the addition of orange, pineapple, and lime juice. All those citrus notes sour a bit and linger perhaps too long, but otherwise it’s a respectable foil for the real thing. B [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

Miami Cocktail Co. Bellini Spritz – The fruit really comes at you on this one, bright and tart from the addition of real mango and peach juices. Thankfully, it’s never too sweet and fades respectably into the finish. The mango is maybe a touch overbearing for a “bellini,” but again I could have easily mistaken this for a fresh-made cocktail. B+ [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

Miami Cocktail Co. Mimosa Spritz – This may be better than an actual mimosa. The use of tangerine, orange, and mandarin juices adds complexity I don’t usually experience in the traditional two-ingredient rendition. Again, the sweetness is well-balanced, and it dries nicely into the finish with pleasant notes of tart citrus and crisp sparkling wine. Brunch just got a little easier with this one. A-

Miami Cocktail Co. Margarita Spritz – Whatever “agave wine” is, it manages to convey only some of the earthy and vegetal notes of actual tequila. That doesn’t really matter that much, because the addition of lime, elderflower, and ginger juices makes this one unlike most margaritas you’ve probably experienced. The tequila is so subdued here that I could also see this one appealing to the fancy gin and tonic drinker. Still, it’s a nice balance of summery flavors. B+

Miami Cocktail Co. Paloma Spritz – The lack of actual tequila notes in the “agave wine” is even more apparent with this one. It’s the least flavorful and balanced of the lineup, with the grapefruit notes coming across watered down and almost slimy. Hibiscus and ginger juice is in here somewhere, also, but it’s lost amid tart citrus. What little grapefruit flavors I detect sour abruptly into the finish. The only real disappointment of the bunch. C

each $13 per four-pack of 8.4 oz. cans /

Miami Cocktail Co. Sangria Spritz




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