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Review: Method + Standard Vodka – Original and Raspberry

Our final look at the spirits of Madison, NC-based Piedmont Distillers takes us to the world of vodka. Method + Standard is a line of vodkas which are made via “a quadruple distillation of American-grown corn.” It’s available as a straight, unflavored vodka and in three infused versions. We look at two of them below.

Method + Standard Original Vodka – Anonymous and straightforward, this vodka makes only a minimal impression thanks to a gritty, slightly toasty nose of barrel char and wet earth. The palate takes few diversions, offering a slightly sweeter composition that nonetheless eventually runs to almond paste, popcorn, and mushroom. The finish is on the muddy side, with no trajectory in particular in mind. 80 proof. B-

Method + Standard Raspberry Vodka – “Infused with whole raspberries.” Bright red in color, this vodka pops with authentic — if rather sweet — raspberry notes, filtered through a significant rush of alcoholic pungency and a certain industrial character. It feels tailor-made for a cosmopolitan, where a little doctoring would help to brighten things up a bit. 70 proof. B

each $30 / methodandstandard.com

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