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Review: Luxardo London Dry Gin

Luxardo is famous for its cherries and maraschino liqueur, and now the Italy-based brand is branching out into London Dry gin. (A “sour cherry gin” was released by Luxardo last year.)

The gin is pot distilled from an unknown mash/base spirit and includes nine botanicals — juniper, coriander, iris, angelica, licorice, cinchona, cinnamon, cardamom, and bitter oranges — cinchona being the biggest eyebrow-raiser on that list.

Let’s give it a try.

As with many a Luxardo product, the gin presents itself as rather earthy and savory, with a somewhat muddy, indistinct nose that leans heavily on licorice, cinchona, and coriander over more traditional juniper and citrus elements. The palate is brighter, but not much, thanks mainly to the impact of juniper and a touch of bitter orange peel. It’s never hot or fiery, but that muddy character comes back for a second helping, though, as the gin develops in the glass, leading to a finish that is heavy on notes of mushroom and leather.

Overall, this expression feels out of balance when it’s the showcase, though it may fare better in a cocktail with a lesser proportion of gin.

86 proof.

B- / $30 / luxardo.it

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Luxardo London Dry Gin



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