The Latest Secret Ingredient to Your Hangover Cure Doubles as a Cocktail Mixer

The Latest Secret Ingredient to Your Hangover Cure Doubles as a Cocktail Mixer


What do you get when you mix craftsmanship, creativity, and tradition: artizn— a handcrafted, naturally fermented vinegar tonic aged in South Korea. Be the first of your friends to try this premium product in three different flavors. You can drink them as they are, as an epic hangover cure, or mix them into a crafty cocktail for the ages.

What makes artizn so unique? It’s infused with organic acids, enzymes, and antioxidants which comes from the vinegar’s aging process. The longer this vinegar sits, the more refined and fulfilling it becomes. This specific mixture is said to reduce inflammation in the body, give your skin a boost, and even improve your mood, energy, and immunity. No sugar is added, nor “natural flavors” and is vegan too!

At its foundation it’s rice wine that’s brewed and blended with over 20 medicinal roots, herbs, and fruit. Once these ingredients are brought together, the fermenting process that turns this mixture into a luxurious vinegar takes form.

“This fermentation occurs in an onggi, a traditional ceramic pot, where a batch is left to age for three years under continuous care: the onggi is swathed in blankets and exposed to peaceful music to assure its wellbeing. Throughout each step of the process, batches are held to the highest standards in quality, delivering a naturally fermented vinegar bursting with integrity, health benefits, and flavor,” artizn founders share on their website.

This distinctive recipe has been passed down for over 35 generations. With its rich history and use of only the finest ingredients, it creates the most polished and premium naturally fermented fig and plum vinegar one can find. It can also be had on almost any occasion. Drink artizn after a meal to help with digestion, between meals to curb your appetite, or after a night out drinking to reap the benefits the morning after. The organic acids support digestion by stimulating the release of pepsin—one of the body’s main digestive enzymes. So whether you want to make a mocktail, cocktail, or drink it plain, the health benefits are meant to be bountiful.

Consulting drink experts suggest the following pairings for fun cocktails:

No 1 Fig Pear Lavender can be paired with a dry gin and aqua fava foam or vodka with a light lemon twist

No 2 Pomegranate Ginger Hibiscus will taste great paired with vodka, vodka, and vodka—and throw in a mint leaf

No 3 Plum Yuzu can be paired with a gin and beer, gin and orange, or a splash of ginger beer to compliment the plum

Hopefully one of the above combinations will impress your tastebuds, but if neither sound up your alley, there are other endless possibilities to play around with. One of the great things about artizn is that the various flavors allow you to get creative when mixing them into a cocktail. Whatever you land on, your friends and family are sure to be impressed by your new secret ingredient. Check out artizn to learn more about how you can get bottles delivered to your door!

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