The Warby Parker of Wines: Winc Finds Specific-to-You Wine

The Warby Parker of Wines: Winc Finds Specific-to-You Wine


Winc is an affordable and sustainability-conscious wine club that cares about curating the perfect batch of bottles to be delivered directly to your front door. When visiting their website, you’ll be prompted to take a short quiz that dives into what your palate most prefers, and with that information they’ll find new wines each month that match up to your preferences. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed sommelier or want to develop your taste further, Winc will introduce you to an array of new favorites at a decent price.

Some examples of questions they’ll be asking you are how you take your coffee, if you like more of an earthy taste or sweet, how salty do you like your food (if at all), and whether or not you feel adventurous. Then they’ll offer you specific suggestions—but if you see one that you don’t know if you want to take a chance on you can always trade it out for another. Winc is super flexible and aims to make you as satisfied as possible with each purchase.

Youtuber Melissa the Unboxing Mom and her partner, Steve, both claim they are “not big wine drinkers” but were excited to learn about new options and found it a fun experiment to try out while being stuck inside. Fortunately they both seemed to agree on their preferences when taking the quiz and enjoyed the process.

While being a part of the Winc Wine Club might sound appealing to you too, also consider it as a gift to your friends or family, whether it be for a birthday or holiday gift. One funny Twitter user wrote they wanted to sponsor their favorite writer with a subscription. And the benefits to turning on your friends to Winc is bountiful. For each referral you make, you earn two extra bottles!

Founded in 2012, Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane agreed that wine is a luxury everyone should be able to afford, so finding a reasonable price point was an important goal for them as well as ensuring their products are also eco-friendly. Once they paired up with winemaker and sommelier Brian Smith, Winc was brought to life, and began to sell quickly to curious winos everywhere.

Visit Winc’s website or mobile app to begin your journey and to learn more about their California-based winery. Receive 40% off your first order, discount applied at checkout. They also have a fun Instagram page that will give you a sneak peak into some of the gifts you might soon be treating yourself to!

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