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Review: Vavoom Vodka

So, I guess we have to talk about the bottle first. Yes, the design is of a woman, as if she was carved from a block of ice, and yes those are her breasts, as if they were carved from watermelons. If nothing else, it’s certainly fun to hold the bottle of Vavoom Vodka. Lift it up over your head and it feels like you’ve won a lifetime achievement award in the porn industry.

Inside this unique decanter you will find vodka, of course, distilled from corn in Iowa. (Never mind the Italian flag on the back, the bottle was made in Italy, not the booze.)

And as vodka goes, it’s fine. The nose is a bit muddy, with some granary elements that didn’t get distilled/filtered out peeking through, giving it a toasty, almond-scented character. The palate diverges only minimally, though it develops a somewhat buttery character that works well with the nutty aromas and flavor profile. A hint of lemon on the finish feels like it will make for good martini fodder — and sure enough, Vavoom is a solid choice for a martini, though they presumably call it a Vavoomtini in their parlance, no?

The bottle is 17 inches tall, by the way. Also it costs $170 — exclusively online at the website below. Get going!

80 proof.

B / $170 / [BUY IT NOW]

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Vavoom Vodka



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