Review: Pulp Culture Hard Pressed Juices

Review: Pulp Culture Hard Pressed Juices

Pulp Culture is a new brand that blends fermented, cold-pressed fruit juices with various other botanicals and various “functional” additives, each built around a specific purpose. It’s not a hard seltzer or a malt beverage, it’s really made from fermented, carbonated fruit juices — so it’s closer to a low-alcohol wine spritzer than anything else.

Four different varieties are on tap, each of which we put to the test. Thoughts follow.

Each is canned at 4.9% abv and contains 99 calories, with no added sugar — but with 6 billion CFUs of probiotics — so if you’re thinking kombucha here, you’re on the right track.

Pulp Culture Think – A blend of guava, peach, ginseng, matcha, and lion’s mane mushroom — plus 25mg caffeine, the only caffeinated option in the mix. Designed to improve cognitive function. This has a kombucha character, quite tart with a citrus bent that has more of a lemon/lime construction than the ingredients would suggest, with a more herbal, lemongrass-like element as the finish develops. B-

Pulp Culture Hustle – A blend of passionfruit, strawberry, ginger, turmeric, and lion’s mane. Designed to support an “active lifestyle.” The passion fruit is evident here, and the overall profile is a bit less sour than Think. There’s a berry-like sweetness that’s not clearly identifiable as strawberry but which complements the ginger notes fairly well. B

Pulp Culture Restore – A blend of grapefruit, goji berry, dandelion, milk thistle, and reishi (a mushroom). Designed for “good clean fun.” Citrusy but indistinct as grapefruit, with the clearest sense of mushroom in the quartet. The savoriness works here, giving the palate some balance against the sharpness on the attack, though the finish comes off as a touch muddy. B

Pulp Culture Relax – A blend of blueberry, lemon, lavender, valerian root, and reishi. The “chill” option. The lavender is immediate, and combined with the earthier elements it gives the beverage an almost chocolate-like character. Perhaps the least aggressively sour option in the mix, with blueberry juice notes hanging in for the finish. B+

each $15 per four-pack of 12 oz cans /

Pulp Culture Think




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