Review: 2019 Bannister Scheurebe Alexander Valley

Review: 2019 Bannister Scheurebe Alexander Valley

We’ve covered the wines of Bannister in the recent past: Now we’re back with a look at the winery’s first ever Scheurebe bottling — and the first ever Scheurebe I’ve ever tried, actually. This Scheurebe (shoi-ray-ba) was produced from cuttings from the Roter Hang (the Red Slope) in Germany’s Rheinhessen region and it is produced with just a bit of skin contact time.

You can taste the Old World on this wine right from the start: Intense perfumed, floral, and cottony, with a doughy, honeysuckle character that envelops the palate. Gently lemony as it develops on the tongue, a bold black fruit character builds in prominence — particularly on the nose — as it warms up. Complex and often intense, with a rounded creaminess that gives it exceptional depth.

A- / $28 /

2019 Bannister Scheurebe Alexander Valley




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