Review: Knob Creek Bourbon 15 Years Old

Review: Knob Creek Bourbon 15 Years Old

It was only a few weeks ago when we took our most recent look at Knob Creek’s 12 Year Old bourbon expression (and the reintroduced 9 Year Old), but now we’re back again with another three year leap forward. Knob Creek 15 Years Old is the oldest whiskey the brand has ever released, and it’s a limited edition that won’t be on the market forever. Good news: You can still find it widely available at its suggested retail price, so snap it up before the gouging begins.

Because… based on my dazzling experience with the whiskey, it certainly could. To wit:

The nose of Knob Creek 15 Years Old starts off a bit woody but also quite intense with notes of chocolate, particularly after it’s given time in glass to develop. Dark berry fruit, a hint of charcoal, and some red pepper give the whiskey an immediate, unexpected depth. On the palate, there’s an instant, distinct, and surprising note of maple, followed by a rush of milky cafe au lait — neither of which is par for the course with bourbon at this age, but which makes for a profoundly compelling and immersive experience.

Knob Creek 15 is one of those bourbons that is tough — tough — to put down. It’s got the perfect amount of sweetness, filtered through a slightly winey, berry-scented haze which lingers well into the finish. Maraska cherries and dark chocolate linger on the finish. I’d call this the perfect whiskey for a Manhattan — assuming you don’t mind shelling out for an upscale cocktail.

100 proof.


Knob Creek Bourbon 15 Years Old




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  1. Michelle Catapang on August 23, 2020 at 5:32 pm

    This looks good. Can’t wait to try this 15 year old Bourbon. Thanks for sharing!

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