Review: ArT Wine Preserver

Review: ArT Wine Preserver

The concept behind ArT Wine Preserver — using argon gas to keep oxygen from getting to your wine — is far from new. Private Reserve has offered a nearly identical canister-based system for well over a decade, and argon’s the same idea in the Coravin preservation system, too. So, what is new about ArT? Well, the canister is more modern in appearance than Private Reserve. And, uh, it comes with a reusable cork stopper so you don’t have to wedge your old cork back into the bottle.

Otherwise, ArT works just as expected. Just spritz 2 seconds of argon into an open, half-consumed bottle of wine and reseal. ArT says the wine will stay fresh for up to 30 days, and a canister is good for up to 40 bottles. (Obviously, if you reuse ArT on the same bottle more than once, that will lower that figure.)

I tried ArT on a half-empty bottle of cabernet, let it sit for a week, then tried it again. I could detect virtually no difference between the original and the week-old bottle, which echoes my experience with Private Reserve.

The catch? Argon-based preservations like this aren’t reusable like, say, VacuVin, and $15 per canister isn’t cheap. Private Reserve, in the same size can, runs $28 for a pack of three, or less than $10 each. The ArT cork stopper isn’t quite worth the upgrade in price.


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