Review: Jura Journey

Journey is a new no-age-statement release from the island-based Jura Distillery. It’s aged entirely in ex-bourbon barrels, but otherwise details are scarce.

As is typical of youthful, bourbon-barreled single malts, the focus remains pretty squarely on the grain. Toasty with a gentle woodiness and just a hint of smoke, it’s wholly, overwhelmingly harmless on the nose. Imagine sugar cookies baked in a wood-fired pizza oven, and you’re not far off. There’s really very little to it, though, and secondary elements never really emerge outside of a vague antique shop character.

The palate changes the calculus a little, as the rolling granary notes and a moderate punch of alcohol evoke a high-class blended Scotch. A bit of lemon peel, some cut hay, and a modest nougat character add some needed nuance, but all is in service of the significant bill of granary notes. The finish sees some caramel apple- and banana-driven fruitiness, but it never strays far from the course. The fade-out sees a touch of smoke as a reprise.

All told, it’s a fine whisky to start off an evening, but there’s nothing overwhelmingly unique or compelling in focus here. The good news: It’s delightfully affordable, so your risk of disappointment is decidedly low.

80 proof.


Jura Journey




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