Review SoNo 1420 Vodka – We Woodruff/Elder Flower and Bo Blood Orange

Review SoNo 1420 Vodka – We Woodruff/Elder Flower and Bo Blood Orange

SoNo 1420 is — perhaps you’ve guessed — a brand that revolves around cannabis. The Connecticut-based operation uses hemp seeds in its whiskeys and uses hemp flower in its gins. However, its three vodkas — two of which we review here — are hemp-free. Let’s give these spirits a try.

Both are 80 proof.

SoNo 1420 We Woodruff and Elder Flower Vodka – Woodruff is an herb with a vanilla-like scent, and elderflower is one word, but who’s counting? SoNo describes this vodka as having “a raw, floral taste that’s not right for everyone,” which makes it a brave spirit to send to Drinkhacker. Indeed, it’s highly unusual, the sweeter notes quickly fading as some intense, herb-driven notes come to the fore. There’s a bold woodiness on the nose alongside a note of lemongrass and wet forest floor. The palate follows suit — burly and chewy, with an aggressively verdant character and a lightly bitter finish. I certainly don’t get any elderflower in it. Ultimately, it’s a reasonably approachable curiosity in its own right, but I have no idea what I’d mix with it. C / $26

SoNo 1420 Bo Blood Orange Vodka – More straightforward in composition, at least. Crisp citrus on the nose, with a lightly woody undercurrent. The palate is bright with orange notes — more tangerine than blood orange — with just a hint of that herbal character lingering on the back end. Turns out it’s plenty straightforward in construction, too, and Bo works just fine as an everyday citrus-flavored vodka, just fine for your Cosmo or your Cape Cod. B+ / $28

SoNo 1420 Bo Blood Orange Vodka




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