Review: Signatory Glenlossie 2008 9 Years Old from Binny’s

Review: Signatory Glenlossie 2008 9 Years Old from Binny’s

While unhealthy for the pocketbook and the credit card balance, a multi-state road trip to Binny’s in Illinois always seems to satisfy the spirit, soul and basement bar. It is a most welcome pilgrimage to escape the day-to-day decline in which we seem to find ourselves. With a full shopping basket and a full heart, we begin with an expression from independent bottler, Signatory, with whom Binny’s partnered for this store pick exclusive.

Glenlossie would not be described as a heavy hitter in the Diageo portfolio, with a few scant official bottlings released from time to time. Most single malt distilled at Glenlossie ends up in blends or released through independent bottlers the likes of this one.

Here, the nose is very clean and welcoming, with lots of freshly cut grass clippings, flora, and a faint hint of sandalwood. Those notes fade on the palate, revealing an incredibly sweet honey and almond character with a little bit of allspice at the end. Along with the allspice, there’s a surprisingly pungent medicinal note — though it overstays its welcome a bit, making the overall experience stumble ever so slightly.

Putting faith, trust, and hard earned coin into the hands of a store selection can be a risky proposition, and the gamble doesn’t always pay off. This particular bottle returns enjoyable and complex dividends, especially if Speyside is your region of choice.

118.4 proof.

B+ / $80

Signatory Glenlossie 2008 9 Years Old from Binny's




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