Review: Tomintoul 25 Years Old

Review: Tomintoul 25 Years Old

Fair or not, Tomintoul has acquired a reputation of being safe and pleasant, but nothing that quickens the pulse at the sight of a fresh bottle. I would imagine it to be the kind of malt my father would consume nightly, were I able to claw the can Labatt Blue Light permanently affixed to his hand for the last half-century. Tomintoul’s younger expressions are highly approachable and work well as a gateway for those looking to dive in to the world of Scotch without having to wade through heavily peated or sherried waters.

So how would a 25 year old expression from this venerable Speyside distillery stack up against its younger siblings? Surprisingly well.

The nose is incredibly soft and inviting. Lots of grass and citrus on the nose, with an almost overpowering spring greenhouse full of fresh flowers arriving as it sits in the glass. The palate follows an equally predictable formula of sweet honey, green apples, and freshly toasted almonds. A little bit of lime and citrus emerge when adding some water, which make things overpoweringly sweet. The finish gets a bit inconsistent, with the citrus and faint notes of pepper oscillating back and forth for a rather long time before simmering down and leaving a lingering taste of white grapes.

Pleasant enough. I would imagine it to be a fine dram while sitting on a backyard patio at dusk, admiring a satisfying day of accomplished yard work. If, of course, you are willing to shell out money for the rather steep asking price.

86 proof.


Tomintoul 25 Years Old




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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