Review: Plantation Rum – Peru 2004, Barbados 2005, and Fiji 2009

Review: Plantation Rum – Peru 2004, Barbados 2005, and Fiji 2009

Believe it or not, living in the epicenter of the bourbon universe has its drawbacks. While we are — or were — usually first to market with numerous special and limited edition bourbon releases, there is a painful deficit of new and special rums and single malts to keep things interesting.

So when a select few expressions from Plantation — which recently announced it would be changing its name, presumably to something with less historical baggage — of arrived at the local Liquor Barn, I gladly handed over the credit card and walked out with three of the expressions in the range to add to the home bar. This may prove laughable to some of my editorial cohort, but when the local shop stocks half an aisle of flavored and low grade variants and calls it a day, these changes are most welcome.

Plantation Rum Peru 2004 – Right from the removal of the cork, the aromas rush from the bottle with lots of banana cream, citrus and unsurprisingly a bit of charred oak. Sitting in the glass for a bit brings out more of the fruit-forward notes and some subtle vanilla. Lots of kick with some guava and mango for a sweet finish. 87 proof. B / $60

Plantation Rum Barbados 2005 – Floral and thin, making for a nice contrast after the clubbing over the nose from the Peru expression. It makes for a nice juxtaposition, as it showcases the wonder versatility and complexity rum can offer when done well. A beautiful nose of butterscotch, some toffee, and a bit of pineapple emerges as it sits in the glass. Roasted sweet fruits on marmalade on the finish 85.6 proof. A- / $70

Plantation Rum Fiji 2009 – Definitely the heavyweight of the trio, with heavy smoke, pepper, and nutmeg on the nose. Things don’t get easier on the palate as creme brûlée and coconut duke it out for the dominant note. Thankfully things get a bit easier on the finish, which is long and lingering and heavy on spiced fruits and cocoa. Saddle up for this one. 89.6 proof. abv. B- / $70

Plantation Rum Peru 2004




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