Review: Famiglia Pasqua 2019 Rose and NV Prosecco

Review: Famiglia Pasqua 2019 Rose and NV Prosecco

A Veneto-based winery that makes both still and sparkling wines, Pasqua’s wines are affordable and built for summertime sipping.

2019 Famiglia Pasqua “11 Minutes” TreVenezie Rose IGT – This Veronese rose is made from 50% corvina, 15% syrah, 25% trebbiano di Lugana, and 10 % carmenere. Strangely, all of those heavy reds don’t give this rose gravitas but rather an almost candylike sweetness, with a slightly syrupy consistency and a heavily perfumed finish. Again, a candylike character holds through on the finish, and it never finds a much-needed, solid balance with any level of acidity. B- / $20 

NV Famiglia Pasqua “Romeo & Juliet” Prosecco Brut Treviso DOC – Mildly nutty and gently fruity, this is about as straightforward as Prosecco gets. A hint of coconut works well with the apple-and-citrus notes on the palate, and the finish is clean, with a touch of fresh linen. The graffiti-inspired label doesn’t scream sophisticated, but in the glass, no one will be the wiser. B+ / $16

2019 Famiglia Pasqua "11 Minutes" TreVenezie Rose IGT




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  1. kirk on July 17, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    I”m writing about Westland Garryana as a comment in this review because I thought you might not see my question in a 2019 Garryana review. i”m wondering if you can you tell me how the 2019 latest edition of the Garryana compares with the first 2016 edition? That’s the only one I’ve tasted and I liked it quite a bit. The 2019 is a $150 dollar whisky in my state. 2016 is long gone.

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