6 of the Best Drinks to Order in a Casino

6 of the Best Drinks to Order in a Casino


Whether playing online or at the casino, there’s nothing better than enjoying a drink while you’re playing. However, deciding on a cocktail while looking at the casino drinks list can be a bit daunting.

So let’s take a look at the best beverage for you to enjoy during your downtime. If you’re reading this and looking to unwind with a drink, head over to Casino Canada, the best rated online casino guide.

Deciding on Your Order

Deciding on what drinks to order at a casino depends on where and what you play. If you’re a poker player heading for a long night, then an alcoholic drink may not be the best option to start. This is especially true if you’re playing for a large pot.

If you’re a poker player, you may decide to head over to the bar or call over a waiter for something sweet or bubbly.

Keep in mind that the casino is all about the experience, and the companion that you choose can help enhance your enjoyment.

Popular Drinks

Depending on who you ask, this list may vary, but below is a list of popular casino drinks:

Gin and Tonic

The most popular option in casinos. Though it has the label as a “girly drink,” it is a popular casino choice.

Bloody Mary

A choice for the slots players, this selection fuels you for the long stretch ahead and keeps you going.

Martini / Dry Martini

Regardless of the game of your location, this choice is popular in casinos. It’s easy to prepare and give that sexy James Bond feeling.


This sweet cocktail is another that transports you into that fully immersive experience.


A popular and refreshing choice, especially at the poker table. It’s a perfect drink for the online poker player. It’s easy to enjoy and not too rough on your wallet.

Whiskey (Neat)

Another popular drink at the poker tables. It’s a more “serious drink” and relaxes the player while in the game.


Casinos know that the more you drink and enjoy the experience, the longer you play. Some casinos offer alcohol at no charge. It helps to lower your inhibitions and allows you to have some fun.

Serious gamblers who see their time playing as a profession rather than a moment to relax may enjoy a drink as a way to unwind. Much like our guest author Lucas Goldberg, who enjoys gambling and its experiences.

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