Review: Standard Proof Wildflower Rye and Pecan Rye

Review: Standard Proof Wildflower Rye and Pecan Rye

The Standard Proof lineup is from the same Tennessee-based company that makes Barsmith Grenadine, and here the operation turns its flavoring attention to real spirits, not just sugar syrups. The collection of six rye whiskeys are all made from undisclosed sourced spirit (the mashbill being 51% rye, 44% corn, and 5% malted barley), then infused for 10 to 14 with natural ingredients. Flavors run from ginger to pineapple and more. Today we look at two exotic options, flavored with honeysuckle nectar and pecan nuts, respectively.

As the name suggests, both are bottled at “standard” 80 proof.

Standard Proof Wildflower Rye – Infused with honeysuckle for 10 weeks. Floral on the nose, as expected, with a significant undercarriage of honey and barrel char. The underlying rye spice — quite savory on the whole here — is also evident. On the palate, the whiskey doubles down on the flowers, and you can feel yourself standing in a field of honeysuckle as you sip it. The finish has the sweet note of candied nuts, peanut brittles, and honeycomb. 

Standard Proof Pecan Rye – Infused with pecan for 14 weeks. The nose is more subtle here, focusing more clearly on oak and barrel char, with candied pecans lingering underneath. That calculus shifts dramatically on the palate, where sugared nuts push those savory notes into the background. It’s not just nutty, it’s well spiced with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg, leading to a full-on dessert-like finish of vanilla, maple syrup, and (especially) chocolate.

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Standard Proof Wildflower Rye




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