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Review: Toast! Before You Drink Gummies

It makes sense to fortify yourself before you start drinking — both to counter any negative effects of alcohol and to prevent hangovers the following day. While most hangover remedies focus on curatives, a few products (like my beloved Zaca patch) are designed with preventative measures in mind. The latest of these is Toast! — a vitamin supplement delivered in the popular gummy bear form.

What’s in the gummies? A mix of prickly pear extract, milk thistle extract, nacetylecysteine, matcha green tea, niacin, and zinc. I’ve seen many of these ingredients in other supplements (and I take milk thistle daily), and they all have decent science behind them. Even better news: While most hangover/drinking supplements taste like liquid garbage, Toast!’s blackberry gummies are quite delightful, almost like candy. If you’ve avoided taking a pre-drinking supplement because of the flavor, Toast! offers an easy remedy.

I tried a sample of Toast! twice, on two different occasions, and while I make a point not to overindulge, I will say that I experienced no ill effects the following day. While your mileage may vary, from this vantage point, Toast! looks like an effective way to ease the pain of “the day after.” Just be careful if you order them for delivery during hot weather (mine arrived all melted together, though they were just as delicious).

A- / $35 for 16 servings / alwaystoast.com [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

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Toast! Before You Drink Gummies



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