Review: Headwind Vodka

Review: Headwind Vodka

Formally “Headwind Craft FWD Vodka,” this spirit hails from Portland, Oregon, where a “high-quality, gluten-free, corn-based grain is six times distilled and filtered through Pacific Northwest timber.” A thin label made of birch wood, bearing batch and bottle number, reinforces the lumberjack connection.

Do outdoorsy types drink vodka?

The nose presents itself as a fairly modern, lightly sweetened style of spirit, backed with mild cereal/granary notes that recall a bowl of Frosted Flakes. The palate is moderately sweet, which tempers any sense of heat, the palate expressive with notes of brown sugar, some white floral elements, and a squeeze of lemon. The sugary notes grow stronger on the finish; the spirit definitely comes across as intentionally sweetened, with spun sugar lingering on the finish.

Best for sugar-friendly cocktails, avoid in a martini.

80 proof. Reviewed: Batch #001, bottled on “06/24,” whatever that means.

B / $22 /

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