Review: 21st Amendment Tropical Sparkale

Review: 21st Amendment Tropical Sparkale

Brewed with pineapple, coconut, and apple, Tropical Sparkale is the latest in a long line of fruit-centric beers from San Francisco-based 21st Amendment. This one’s billed merely as a “sparkling beer,” and is crafted to reduce both alcohol and gluten.

And hey, I hope you like fruit. This is a monster full of coconut and apple notes, in that order, and while the fruit comes across as largely authentic, it’s just too much of it. There’s no real sense of the underlying beer in the mix; this could just as easy be a hard seltzer as a flavored beer. The finish sees more of the pineapple showing up, but the coconut adheres forever to the roof of the mouth, alongside a kind of funky, maltiness that lurks underneath.

Plus, the can looks like a La Croix — on purpose, one assumes.

4.2% abv.

C / $10 per six-pack

21st Amendment Tropical Sparkale




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