Review: Four Gate Bourbon Batch 6 The Kelvin Collaboration II

Review: Four Gate Bourbon Batch 6 The Kelvin Collaboration II

We only recently had our first round with Four Gate Whiskey Company, a custom blending operation in Louisville. We’re skipping ahead here from batch 4 of its unique bourbons to batch 6, which is in turn an update from its inaugural batch 1. (Not reviewed here, alas.)

Like batch 1, the whiskey is made from a mash of 74% corn, 18% rye, and 8% malted barley. This version spends 12 years in new oak before finishing in rum casks and  — new for batch 6 — Cognac casks. (The rum casks used here are from the same producer as batch 1.) Bottled at full proof, obviously.

Well, we’re ready to give it a go.

It’s a scorcher on the nose here, and I immediately get that familiar old leathery and smoky beef note old bourbons (and Four Gate Batch 4) often exude. Water is of immense benefit, coaxing out some citrus and stone fruit aromas, and a fun candied strawberry element.

The palate attacks with less sweetness than I had expected, offering some dry spice notes, with a particular focus on cloves — which must be driven by the rum barrel. Sweet builds over time, revealing fruit beneath the spices, though it’s never overwhelming. Some raisin notes in the mix, perhaps driven by the Cognac cask. Finally, there’s dark chocolate on the finish and a reprise of those beefy notes, but the heavy savoriness is actually of benefit in keeping the whiskey’s sweeter elements in check. The solid balance and some unique flavor elements give you plenty to consider while sipping.

126.4 proof. 2474 bottles produced.

A- / $200

Four Gate Bourbon Batch 6 The Kelvin Collaboration II




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