Review: Gin Lane 1751 London Dry Royal Strength Gin

Review: Gin Lane 1751 London Dry Royal Strength Gin

This is round 3 (of 4 products in total) with Gin Lane 1751, as we turn our attention to the brand’s “royal strength” — in lieu of navy strength — offering. Pot-distilled and made in the London Dry style, as the name suggests, it is flavored with eight botanicals: juniper, star anise, Seville orange, orris root, cassia bark, angelica, Sicilian lemon, and coriander — a very traditional lineup.

Let’s give it a try.

Straightforward and lively, this is a classically constructed gin with ample citrus at the fore, which is just how I like it. The nose is full of juniper but also has plenty of earthy orris and coriander character, the citrus peel notes mingling nicely with the other botanical elements. The palate has a light sweetness, tempering the herbal elements in the gin. A cinnamon note emerges here, with that sweet Seville orange a clear sounding board for the juniper and some light-handed anise. Gin traditionalists will find nothing not to like here — especially at this price — though it hardly breaks new ground.

94 proof.


Gin Lane 1751 London Dry Royal Strength Gin




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