Review: GoSili Silicone Straws

Review: GoSili Silicone Straws

The conundrum over straws and how they’re killing the environment has yet to find an easy solution, short of “just don’t use a straw.” Metal and glass straws are rough on your teeth. Paper straws melt. Straws made from other fibers like hay tend to break easily.

Here’s an obvious answer from a company called GoSili: Reusable silicone straws.

GoSili makes a wide variety of straws in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors, so if you want a thick boba-style straw or something more demure, you can probably find something that works here. I’ve been using a medium-diameter straw and find them both durable easy to drink out of, in part because the flexibility means you can bite on the straw with your teeth to hold it in place — and control the amount of liquid you’re drinking. That flexibility is nice for drinking out of a tall glass, too — and for using it for your bedtime water glass.

GoSili makes all-silicone drinking cups and universal lids — though I quickly noticed the cup departs a distinct flavor to your beverage over time; I don’t recommend it for long-term drinking. There’s also a to-go version of the straw that collapses into a container the size of a mint tin. Everything’s dishwasher-safe, though I’ve been washing the straws by hand. You’ll find many of these products on Amazon, or check out GoSili’s website for more options.

A- / $7 for 6 straws / [BUY IT NOW FROM AMAZON]

GoSili Silicone Straws




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