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Review: New Belgium The Purist Clean Lager

Lager doesn’t get any cleaner than this, and New Belgium telegraphs that by packing The Purist in a baby blue can shaped to mimic the tall, narrow design common to hard seltzers. At a mere 3.8% alcohol and 95 calories, this organic lager has one less calorie than a can of Miller Lite. But… how does it taste?

The answer: Not awful. The ultra-pale, nearly headless brew will win few converts who gravitate to New Belgium’s more sophisticated offerings, but as insanely low-calorie beers go, you could do a lot worse. Gently malty with ample cereal but a punch of mild sweetness, the beer is a straightforward exploration of lager at its simplest — and least impactful on the waistline.

3.8% abv.

B / $8 per six-pack / newbelgium.com [BUY IT NOW FROM DRIZLY]

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New Belgium The Purist Clean Lager



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